Official logo of the Booth House Tavern
Official logo of the Booth House Tavern

About Us

Historic New Castle Delaware has a New Hub!

With a modern twist on the colonial-tavern lifestyle, Booth House Tavern is the place for our town to gather, eat, drink, and be merry.

Embracing our town’s roots, Booth House Tavern has adopted one of our town’s historic red-brick buildings and adapted it into a multi-faceted experience. The Tavern itself offers a unique experience for both New Castle natives and out-of-towners hoping to visit a new spot in Delaware – with many facets of our Booth House business, we hope to support the town of New Castle and become a staple for food, drink, and local tourism.

Not only can you meet a friend at the local for delicious food and a cold drink, but you can sample the micro-brewed goodness of  in-house brewing at Booth House Tavern, featuring a rotating selection of seasonal varieties. You can invite out-of-town guests to stay over at the historic David Finney Inn, with its cozy apartment-style rooms featuring kitchen and laundry that allow a personal but private view of historic New Castle.

With all that New Castle has to offer, we are excited to be a part of this town in a way that supports our people, shares our history, and has a good time doing it!

There’s much more to come from Booth House – make sure to follow along on social media or read more on our website TODAY!


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