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The Booth House Logo

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Where Small-Town Brewpub meets Historical Hangout! With a modern twist on the colonial-tavern lifestyle, Booth House Tavern is the place for everyone to gather, eat, drink, and be merry.

Looking for a First-Rate Getaway Spot in the First State? Whether you’re a local hoping to take a nice evening with your significant other, a group of young travelers hoping to explore historic Delaware, or just looking for a getaway, stay with us at the David Finney Inn!

Beans, Brews, and Brushstrokes, Oh MY! With a creatively inspired spot to relax and enjoy a coffee or tea, the DFI Café offers a bright and sunny atmosphere with featured local artists and beans from the esteemed Little Goat coffee company!

Hammergod Brewery When Lightning Strikes, it’s HammerGod!

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